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The Secret of a Healthy Relationship

Relationships are not perfect but you can do something to keep it healthy and alive. Aside from love and respect, you also need to control your jealousy. Jealousy is a normal thing for couples but it can destroy the relationship if you fail to address it. Jealousy springs from many things but it is usually … Continue reading »

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Stoping Bullying

Bullying is a common problem for school kids and their parents. It should be stopped because it can cause physical and emotional distress to kids. In fact there are cases where bullied kids and adults commit suicide because they cannot handle the bullies and the act (of bullying) itself. If you are a parent, it … Continue reading »

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The 3 Best Water Sports to Try This Summer

The weather’s getting warmer with summer’s arrival. To help you deal with the heat, you should try water activities that will not only bring fun and excitement, but will also get you into shape. Here are 3 of the best water sports you can try for the summer of 2013. Kayaking Kayaks are small boats … Continue reading »

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Why You Shouldn’t Do Business When You’re On a Plane

An airplane is not a place to do business. Why? Read on to find out. It can cause you headache. As the aircraft takes off, you slowly experience fluctuations in cabin pressure. This can make your head hurt, and as a result, it can disrupt your thoughts. When your head aches, all you want to … Continue reading »

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