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Land of the Capital Tower – Singapore

Sir Stamford Raffles founded Singapore, in 1819 that was established as a British Island. Singapore is one of the smallest Island countries in the world. Singapore is an independent country since 1965. The island country consists of Singapore Island the main island is 23km wide and 42km long, and the total republic including other 58 islands has 646 sq km of total land. However, this is constantly growing through land reclamation.

Singapore is closely connected with Malaysian peninsula in the north and touches the west zone of the island. The dimension facts of Singapore states the reason behind the space crunch and the 3.5 million inhabitants that dwell in that small space, that is why majority of Singaporeans live in block apartments.

Singapore experience a typical humid rather tropical climate, as it is just 137 km away from the equator. The city is hot and sultry all the yearlong and the temperature never mellow below 20 centigrade. For the visitors, Singapore provides a plethora of entertainment, activities the heart could ever desire. Singapore has array of choices starting from the beaches, parks and zoos, shopping malls, food plazas pubs and cafes.

Singapore’s Spectacular Landmark – Capital Tower

Singapore is widely known as land of Capital Tower, is the fourth tallest building in Singapore city attaining a height of 254 meters. Capital Tower, the name boasts a vision of a tower standing proudly and tall. This landmark was supposed to be Post Office Savings Bank (POSB) Bank’s headquarters. However, now it is owned by Capita Land. The construction was over finally in the year 2000.