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Stoping Bullying

Bullying is a common problem for school kids and their parents. It should be stopped because it can cause physical and emotional distress to kids. In fact there are cases where bullied kids and adults commit suicide because they cannot handle the bullies and the act (of bullying) itself.

If you are a parent, it is your concern to eliminate bullying in the school as much as possible. How can your kids enjoy the learning process if they are constantly looking at their backs or hiding for fear of bullies? You don’t want this for your kids so here is something that you teach your kids regarding bullies and bullying in general:

Report bullying to the right authority

Bullying should be addressed immediately before it gets out of hand. Authorities include teachers, principal, prefect of discipline, guidance counsellor and more importantly the parents of the bully. Authority figures will implement punishment with the hope of reforming the bully. Some people never report instances of bullying for fear of revenge but to effectively stop the act, your child must tell it to higher authorities so they can do something about it.

Help others who have the same experience

Tell your kids to help others with the same experience. This is hard especially if the bully is feared by everyone but it does not mean to just let other people suffer. Helping others is a good virtue you can teach your kids.

Learn self defence

You should let your kids be aware that bullies come in different proportions. If bullies are bigger than your kids, they will stand a minimal chance especially if bullies find joy in physical abuse. As a parent, you should teach your kid self-defence. For example, if your kids take karate lessons and everyone knows it, bullies will think twice to victimize them. Self-defence will give self-confidence and a sense of security to your kids.