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The 3 Best Water Sports to Try This Summer

The weather’s getting warmer with summer’s arrival. To help you deal with the heat, you should try water activities that will not only bring fun and excitement, but will also get you into shape. Here are 3 of the best water sports you can try for the summer of 2013.


Kayaks are small boats powered by human-force used in almost all kinds of water conditions, such as rapids, rivers, lakes and white waters. Kayaking is fun, cheap, and a great way to rush forth your adrenaline hormones. One of the best kayaking sites in US is the Clackamas River located just outside Portland, Oregon. The river’s class IV rapids are very much preferred by experienced kayakers.


No, this isn’t what you say when asking what’s going on: SUP means stand-up paddling. This Hawaiian water sport is now gaining popularity in every country around the world. SUP is a must-try water sport simply because it’s unique and it’s a good way to start before saying yes to wave surfing. Lake Tahoe’s Crystal Bay is the most ideal spot in US for this sport. Here, you can paddle from Kings Beach State Park to Crystal Bay with the scenic view of Tahoe Mountains.

Kite boarding

For people seeking for the ultimate adrenaline gushing experience, this water sport is perfect for you. Kite boarding is a water sport that combines the enraging rush of surfing and flying. The surfer depends on the wind to fly or drive them through the water surface on a small surfboard. Best kite boarding spot is the Outer Banks of North Carolina because of the tranquillity of the water and the remoteness of the area.