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Why You Shouldn’t Do Business When You’re On a Plane

An airplane is not a place to do business. Why? Read on to find out.

It can cause you headache.

As the aircraft takes off, you slowly experience fluctuations in cabin pressure. This can make your head hurt, and as a result, it can disrupt your thoughts. When your head aches, all you want to do is sleep.

You lose concentration.

As the plane goes thousands of feet up high, there is an increase in cabin pressure. With increased pressure, there is less oxygen for your body and that affects your ability to think clearly.

You tend to forget things.

When you are 8,000 feet above the ground, you need to think harder. You cannot seem to remember things easily. You are like a weight lifter grunting to pick up a barbell.

You get thirsty.

Dehydration caused by dry cabin air makes you feel tired and dizzy. Since dry cabin air has no enough moisture, your body loses water faster.

Your heart pumps harder.

At ground level, the red blood cells in your body will be saturated to about 95% oxygen. At 7,000 feet above the ground, it changes to around 87%.

You are stressed.

The jet engine is too noisy that it can cause you to become stressed. With too much noise, you can get annoyed.

You feel like puking.

Reading while you are on a plane can trigger nausea. When you feel like vomiting, you feel uneasy. Of course you would not want to vomit with a passenger beside you, would you?